Sunday, March 3, 2013

Your in the Army now

well I joined up when I was 18 for two reasons. 1. as a feminist, equal rights meaning equal responsibility. In this country historically all equality in civil rights has been preceded by service in the military. So I wanted to do my part, when taking a stand for civil rights and equality, service counts. The second reason, because I was a dedicated hippy dippy lefty liberal. I suppose that may seem odd. You may suppose a person of my natural inclination would go peace corps not hard core.
One, for the philosophic reason, what ever you oppose you need to understand. For me the whole military mind set was such a foreign country I just had to try the venture. And thinking ahead to future arguments, knowing I was a hippy dippy liby lefty, I wanted to have the trump card to "If you don't love you country leave it." 'Been there done that, wore the combat boots, so shut the bleep up.'
Joining the Army so I could win an argument I might have some day, may seem a bit odd. All I can say is, I really hate to lose an argument.
I started out to be an interrogator. It sounded like a pretty cool job. Very James Bond ohh and a top secret security clearance, your 18 that's just tit's cool. So I went to fort Huachuahua in Arizona for the interrogation school. I quickly discovered that I had absolutely no interest in how many 9mm makaraof pistols Interrogation subject X may have in the 2nd motorized rifle platoon of the third motorized rifle company.
'hold on a minute here, James Bond never had to take inventory.'
Yeh I flunked out. Well what would expect with a gal who starts an interrogation with
'ok you know what? Don't talk to me, I don't want to hear it, I brought a book,' They kept me on longer then they would have another marginal solider because for awhile there they thought I was being very cleaver, getting people to talk with reverse psychology.
So anyway with this that and the other I ended up in water purification, and learning to run the water purification equipment was cool. I was the first female they had ever trained in the field. And no sooner then I had gotten all through training and my first posting in Germany, it was decided that water purification was too close to 'the battle field' for a female. So anyway between this and that I ended up answering phones and taking inventory.           

Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm Naive

My only problem with guns is that they make it far too easy for stupid people to kill me.”
and I tell ya that exorcist gal who piddled on the carpet caused less of a ruckus then I did with what I thought was a pretty mild statement. I wasn't even hinting at taking guns away from stupid people. With that one fairly mild statement a seemingly reasonable rational woman is transformed into a screaming ( I hope she doesn't chuck the meatloaf at me ) nut job.
I am now the enemy. The socialist comunist take your guns away big brother loves you hippy freak.
(Ohh god lord I do have a talent for saying precisely the wrong thing. If only I could learn to use this power for good.)
Because some one is now screaming at you, you feel the spines start to come out the eyes are going cat feral, the teeth are growing sharp behind a polite smile. You want to snap her heels together like a drill Sargent to a fresh boot.
Check it,
You have a 'support our troops' bumper sticker on your car.
I served in the army
you 'wanted' to join the army but couldn't lose enough weight to even qualify for boot camp.
Your husband of 5 years, is a nice fellow but, he is grand negas of the local masons secret hide out
My (ex now but 15 years married to ) was Army EOD that is bomb squad for you civilians,
I have owned guns, shot guns. I once got tossed out of Canada for trying to drive through a bit of Canada with my gun locked and un loaded in the trunk of my car. The Canadians were very polite but quite firm. And told me to just go away and not try and slip back across the border again, any time soon. But say like maybe in the spring you can come back eh? I was very embarrassed.
I don't say any of that. She is a nice lady,,usually. I keep my snark in check. I try, very nicely, (I'm not yelling unlike some people) to explain.
She calls me naive
my head explodes. It's not a big sound, just a small little pop.
Naive? Naive?
This from a woman who once got a butterfly tattooed on her shoulder and to this day thinks, that was daring.
As a retired whore there are a number of names I rather expected to be called....naive was not one I had ever considered. Ok sure I look like a perfectly normal person. It' not like I have retired whore tattooed on my forehead. Not even sporting a red Letter A on my clothes. (though I have considered it but decided it would come off more Laverne and Shirley then as a political statement against puritanism. )
But.. seriously how many dicks do you have to suck before that shiny penny nimbus erodes? And what ever that number is, I'm pretty gol dern danged sure I done past it waay back a when.
And she is still yelling at me.
'If you had EVER, any experience with crime and or bad guys, you’d change your mind then. “ I retire to the living room pouring myself an extra large drink on the way.
why ohh why is it always me who has to be polite to people who yell stupid shit at me? I'm the crazy person. I have fucking papers saying I'm the crazy person. I'm the paranoid wack job here. If anyone's going to be yelling about crime guns and conspiracies I feel it should be me. 
 But it isn’t,
 it never is.

Monday, December 10, 2012

a method to my madness

 (to understand anything you have to read the thing from the start. I would say the first chapter and the last would be the bare minimum, this is a labyrinth I'm afraid. Different from a maze, which has many roads to many possible exits and dead ends. a maze, it's intent is confusion. , a labyrinth is a single path to a determined end to illumination. )

(She had envisioned a quest like this for as long as she could recall,
But on the threshold of it, she found herself hesitating. This was not make believe any more)
(It was almost like serendipity.. or manipulation on a brilliant scale Luke Romyn slaves of vallhalla)

I know how mad this is,.

And I know how confused you are,,

I mean if this were real. Really real,
It wouldn’t be here,
Just some mad silly blog
you came across, you looked at cause, what the heck,
If this were real. It wouldn't be here. It would be in the papers or something. There would be lawyers and official people with important letters behind their names. To tell you ,to let you know, this is so.
Allow me to elucidate the method to my madness.

I do not accept the diagnosis of my madness. I acknowledge that I am in the minority opinion regarding this. But since I'm the only one who might get killed here, my opinion is the only one I listen to.
On the good side no one has tried to kill me since I left San Francisco. There were those gang bangers that had a bit of a brawl on my porch but I beat them off with a wet mop. Nothing like a dirty wet mop in the face to take to fight out of a guy. But other then that, all quiet on the eastern front.
So far. Course so far, I'm just a mad woman yittering away on a mad little blog. I am utterly ignorable. I doubt Boccie has given me a thought at all in the past few years. Course that could change.
Sooner or later Boccie will get that e-mail,, someone one is saying terrible things about you,,
I am not expecting him to send out the zoo crew this time. Really now what would be the point except to prove my sanity and who would want that? And if I did get all dramaticly shot up, I guess the book would get published and on that nice Oprah's gals book list. Nothing like a dead mad whore to boost sales.
It's not like killing me would shut me up. Ahhh too late for that, far to late. This mad little blog is already out there, your reading it right now. Go ahead try and put that pony back in the barn.
Course I've done the CYA thing. So very mellow dramatic “keep this just in case anything ya know messy happens to me.” Left the info needed to update my blogs, the RIP post I hope wont ever be needed. I figure between that and my twitter peeps and a few other social sites I've left the info for, well I figure nothing like a murder to get retweeted all to hell and back.
Boccie could try and send lawyers after me.
Defences to claims of defamation include:
  • Statements made in a good faith and reasonable belief that they were true are generally treated the same as true statements; however, the court may inquire into the reasonableness of the belief. The degree of care expected will vary with the nature of the defendant: an ordinary person might safely rely on a single newspaper report, while the newspaper would be expected to carefully check multiple sources.
  • Opinion is a defence recognized in nearly every jurisdiction. If the allegedly defamatory assertion is an expression of opinion rather than a statement of fact, defamation claims usually cannot be brought because opinions are inherently not falsifiable. However, some jurisdictions decline to recognize any legal distinction between fact and opinion. The United States Supreme Court, in particular, has ruled that the First Amendment does not require recognition of an opinion privilege.[30]

Basically, Boccie in a court of law would have to : A. Prove that he is now and was then nothing more then a legitimate business man with no connections to all the bad stuff I talk about.
B. Then he would have to prove that I am now and was then a sane person. You see you can say stuff that's just wrong, that's not libel. Makes you a bit of a fool but not a liar.
I have long detailed papers all signed by doctors all saying I'm a mad person with a paranoid delusion that her former landlord is a mobster.
I think that would be a fun trial to attend. Some one in court trying to prove me sane. I may just try my hand at law for that one and defend myself.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm just Freaking Adorable

There is a wonderful freedom that comes with being a mad person. It's like getting a permanent free hall pass in school. ( I had one by the way, that's what they give you when you skip class to go to the library. )
Ok so career wise I can't even get a job as walmart greeter, I mean it;s not official or anything but hey get real, you have a job application from someone. You google, right? Everyone does, and there you really want to hire someone who is front page crazy? And smokes?
It's cool I understand, and lets get real I was a lousy employee. I told my last boss to “shut the hell up.” she came down with laryngitis the next day, couldn't talk for two weeks. Yeh that was pretty much the end of that job.
So being a crazy person is bad for the career, but it's not anything I was ever going to be good at any way so meh.
The good part is I can say or do any god damned thing I want to and “What? I'm a crazy person, what really do you expect.? I haven’t burned down anything in years, A standard of expectations I find easy enough to exceed. Aim for the stars and all that jazz meh I rather prefer having exceptions set so low I can perfectly ignore their existence.
But am I mad enough? Now that is an interesting dilemma. I look like a perfectly normal sane person I talk like a perfectly normal sane person. (one with the sort of vocabulary that makes people think I'm really smart). So how on earth am I to justify all those papers? Having to constantly explain to people that I'm a mad person is just so socially awkward .
Of course I could just not talk about it at all, but you do get into all that where were you when and what did you do? Discussions that lead to either to lengthy explanations which people don't believe anyway and then they are annoyed with me for lying, or I lie which does have the effect or making people happier with me but results in me becoming unreasonably cranky.
So I have to be mad in some way apparent but not scary mad, after all I'm a pyro so I kinda feel it's incumbent on me to be reassuring. I have been trying to develop into a charming eccentricity. Cute, people think I'm cute, addled but cute. Took me just 50 years to pull that off. By the time I'm 70 I may just be able to manage adorable.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

drawing the circle,

Richard J Bocci Realty

(650) 756-6333

194 School St
Daly City, CA 94014

Real estate in San Francisco is murder. 

Taylor St. in San Francisco (July, 2002)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Truth doesn't set you free,It just keeps you alive 

Caius Veiovis.
The Massachusetts man, 31, and two cohorts are facing murder and kidnapping charges in connection with the deaths of three men, one of whom was expected to testify against one of the accused killers in an upcoming criminal trial.
Veiovis and his codefendants are connected to a Hells Angels chapter, 

Being that I am card carrying crazy. Honestly, I have the papers saying so, I'm thinking about doing them up in needle point and framing them. So anyway card carrying crazy, paranoid delusional pyo, so I kinda figured that in any place or group out side of a mental institution, that I would set the standard of crazy.
Yeh well as it turns out not so much;. This is the face of one of my neighbors. Killed three people, just half a block away from me. I knew one of the victims. Not close but he went to the Christain Center, a local charity that serves the poor here. I pop in there now and again they give out free clothes a great place to pick up art and craft supplies. So I had met the man He had asked for police protection. What can I say no matter where I go the crazy follows.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just poping around the internet like I do ya know and in Yahoo buniess reviews I find these regarding my dear old friend Boccie 

from  Anthoney J. 

 Avoid!! I gave them a written notice to move out 2 months prior to moving out and the manager simply said he couldn't find the note and charge me the remaining month. Also, they took so much money from deposit. Mine was $1300 but eneded up getting back $300. Even that was after fighting with them. When i called to make a case, they said "don't try to sound smart". I mean if they are renting the property to college students mostly, they really need to learn to deal with them. seriously A.V.O.I.D

from Clint 

 Don't Mess with these folks! They don't play around when it comes to their money. Once you get done with legal fees you will have paid 6 months in rent. Don't believe them that if you loose your job they will work with you. Not too mention if you are under rent control and they want you gone

My my what can one say except Once a Dick always a Dick.