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The final summation

This is the ending the final summation of a performance art piece, if not of the highest artistic merit ever performed in San Francisco, it was I would argue, one of the most effective.  The article came out in the Saturday edition of the San Francisco chronicle and by Monday the funding was restored to the MHRF.
I haven’t been keeping up on San Francisco Politics but so far as I know the matter of  selling live frogs in china town   is still being debated.  Animal cruelty or cultural insensitivity?  After a few years debate the city decided to ban the use of plastic shopping bags.  Restoring several millions in funding to a hospital the city wasn't even really aware it had?  :Less than 48 hours.  Yah dear San Fran that’s what you get for fucking with me.
Politics is mostly a game of trades. of this for that, all bound up in a most careful cotillion of manners scripted in its smallest nuance.  All this for the same basic reason the ancient Roman empire did such a spanking business in wild lions and invented so many interesting uses for religious extremists.  
Keep the People Amused.
Otherwise they get all cranky and start causing trouble.
Now if you want to get people all cranky and causing trouble here’s a few tips.

 Have a very clear objective.  I really can’t stress this enough.  Have a very clear objective.  One thing, one issue, one objective.  The People is a beast with millions of voices, if you unleash that beast with no clear objective it will argue with its self  into infinity.
Have a strong emotional hook.  Getting the People to go from ‘Ohh that’s so sad’ to ‘ Ohh hell no you don’t.’  Is all about the right emotional hook.  That poke in a tender place that makes the whole body politic wince in shared pain.  That emotional hook need not have much if anything to do with the issue.
Be stubborn.  You have to be stubborn past your own fears, stubborn past your ability to suffer, stubborn past all certainty of failure.  In the end it could and probably will be all for nothing.  You’re an idiot, you’re a fool, you’re the fucking walrus coo coo cachou.
Have a sense of humor.  Which is a bit of advice that works in every situation.
When trying to rouse the People to action it actually helps to have a shortly upcoming Armageddon deadline.  Give the People too long to think about anything and it gets all confused.
The issue here was clear, keep the MHRH open.
The emotional hook, that was the tricky part.  People are different, cities are different, San Francisco is,, and I pause while you dear reader snigger knowingly.  San Francisco is different.
San Francisco is Americas gay city.  That’s not to say that the majority of people in San Francisco are gay, but I would say it has a higher percentage of gay people in the general population then in most places in the US.  If your gay at some point in your youth you dream of moving to the land of OZ.  San Francisco is a city that attracts people who are on the lefty liberal end of the socio-political scale.  Lets face it being a republican in San Francisco is rather like being a member of the Jamaican bob sled team.  Good or bad you cheer them on cause gosh darn it they are so darn cute.  San Francisco’s gay culture defines the city its art its politics its bars, its tourist dollars.  You want to stay in power in San Francisco you don’t piss off the gay.
Here is where I had a bit of a problem.  Now of course the natural reaction of the gay community overall would be one of sympathy for the poor mad people so rudely shuffled off and away from family and things known.  But sympathy is in the ‘ohh that;s too bad’ and falls far short of the ‘oh hell no you don’t.’
Only very recently has the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders delisted homosexuality as a mental disorder.  Even so there are still doctors in the field trying to cure the gay with electrodes to the genitals.  All those years of trying to separate themselves from the label of being mentally ill, it makes it difficult for them to identify with the mentally ill.  
Over all most people have a natural aversion to the mentally ill.  The mentally ill scare us, we don’t understand them.  They are the other, the forever outsider, the I don’t know what the heck to do with them and I wish they would go somewhere,,,,else.
The People can only be roused to outrage when they feel an intimate personal emotional connection with an event, a person, a story.
What is the single biggest emotional trauma suffered in the gay community?
Survey says..
If you had answered AIDS,, you wouldn't even be close.
Family rejection.
This is something that is completely universal in the gay community.  Even those whose families didn’t reject them suffered the fear that it could happen.  The whole process of coming out is preceded by  months even years of wrestling with that fear.  
This that resonates so strongly in the gay community is also a commonality in the population over all.  Freud wasn’t all bollacks.  A baby is born and it cries and instinctively it reaches out.  Our first and primary fear is there is our first moments of life.  We reach out and there is no one there to catch us.
I felt bad about using my uncle as a pawn in a game he had nothing to do with.  But ahh well I did tell him he needed to listen to the whole story.
All righty then lets see now to sum up.  I lost my apartment and my life sucked ass for waayy too long.  Boccie is doing well, people still want to rent from him so I’m guessing that he doesn’t try to kill all his tennents.  But on the other hand a hospital was saved and some truly needful people have a safe warm place to sleep.  You may see it differently but I count that as a win.
One final thing remains.  When I rented the apartment from Boccie I told him if I were unhappy with him I would let him know, if I were really unhappy I promised just about everyone would know.  So here it is.
Mr. Richard J. Boccie is a bad landlord.

So now you know.
To the best of my ability all promises kept.

Unextinguished laughter shakes the skies
Homer, the Illiad
If you google the information I gave you at the start this you will find.  Adrienne Cahill warren did live at 430 O'Farrell st apart. 401, that building is owned by richard boccie reality.  There was a fire in that apartment.  My residence at the MHRF the speeches I gave all matters of public record.  The front page article about me and the closing of the MHRF in the San Francisco chronicle.
As to the rest?  Well all you have is the testimony of an insane (retired) whore. 
Pippi Longstocking in her ruby red sneakers
skips down the yellow brick road
sipping pink tea from an empty jelly jar
trailing horsefeathers in her wake 


One of the things I loved about being a whore was that no one believes anything a whore says.  Why is that you may wonder? It does seem a strange perversity to desire being thought of as teller of lies.  But you see there is a wonderful freedom that comes with that.  If no one believes anything you say, you are free to say anything.  And since everyone 'knows' your ling they feel in a sense in on the joke. Truth is so much more charming when it wears fictions cloak. 

I imagine you came into this story thinking it an amusing fiction, and perhaps even now feel a bit put out by this final trick, turning expectations so rudely on its head.  It's that puckish prankster side of me that just couldn't resist. Who am I? I told you didn't I? A  paranoid delusional pyromaniac with an excellent sense of humor.

Adrienne Warren

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