Thursday, November 22, 2012

Truth doesn't set you free,It just keeps you alive 

Caius Veiovis.
The Massachusetts man, 31, and two cohorts are facing murder and kidnapping charges in connection with the deaths of three men, one of whom was expected to testify against one of the accused killers in an upcoming criminal trial.
Veiovis and his codefendants are connected to a Hells Angels chapter, 

Being that I am card carrying crazy. Honestly, I have the papers saying so, I'm thinking about doing them up in needle point and framing them. So anyway card carrying crazy, paranoid delusional pyo, so I kinda figured that in any place or group out side of a mental institution, that I would set the standard of crazy.
Yeh well as it turns out not so much;. This is the face of one of my neighbors. Killed three people, just half a block away from me. I knew one of the victims. Not close but he went to the Christain Center, a local charity that serves the poor here. I pop in there now and again they give out free clothes a great place to pick up art and craft supplies. So I had met the man He had asked for police protection. What can I say no matter where I go the crazy follows.

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