Saturday, October 6, 2012

randomosity 4

All-access deity

Symphorophilla:  Someone who is sexually aroused by accidents or catastrophes
Adrián Skippy Purkart captured a queen ant being ravaged by a swarm of males while having her brain sucked out of her head by a spider

sensible and responsible women dont want to vote (Grover cleveland 1905)

she is psychologically challenged by all she sees, and while that might evoke ambition in a more scholastic mind, in her it forges only trenchant bewilderment and scorn.
Willy wonka dreams are dancing in my head
in my dreams the oompaloompas
are gummie bears
and when then walk they go

A sexy fucking cunt, 
no joke. Bet she tastes like sweetmelon.
She has wonderful eyebrows
I bet she does, 
I bet strong men faint when they see her eyebrows
What do your tears taste like?
 he is a "nice person" who trained himself to stamp out all emotions
"I'm a nice person. Hand me that AK-47."
"No one lives long enough to have a future,
. "They're born with their pasts lain out before them."
" I'm not saying the past is colored in yet, I'm just saying it's there."
"--'cause by past, you mean the future . . ?"
pissy existentialism is really what makes the bastard such a cheap thrill- there's something wrong with the way we conceptualise the continuum of male sexuality
 America’s, whose prison population of 743 per 100,000 is the highest in the world, 
 americans are addicted to revenge.
 In a "for profit" system it is in the best interest of the private companies to incarceratepeople 
 Reasonable is not always rational.
we’re embarrassed by what occurred, though we’re not sure, exactly what it is.
He may have said things that were clearly untrue—I believe he did—but he said them convincingly,
anti-Semitic mollusks getting bred in the Rhine. 
We're not here to judge you, but this is the sort of thing most people consider evil,
so you probably shouldn't actually do anything you read here. 

Opposition is one of the simplest and most recognizable forms of collaboration.

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